Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spider-Man Stuff No More!

Sadly, the time has come for this blog to be retired, leaving me with only the Superman and Batman blogs for your daily dose of collectibles relating to a specific super-hero! Thanks to all of you who've been checking out this blog, no matter how often you have done so... and especially those of you who hung in there during the gap back in January!

May your webs remain untangled!


  1. So sorry to see another one of your great blogs come to an end, Jon. Please know that all of your hard work brought about great memories and joy!


  2. Wow, amazing spiderman collection! (and I thought mine was good...jeeesssssh) Sad to see Spidey go. Long live Superman & Batman!

  3. Thanks, Joseph!

    Kage - Can't take any credit for the collection, as all I had was a collection of the photos, not the items themselves!