Monday, March 15, 2010



Now, here's a record that I not only remember, but I've also owned it at least two or three times! Certainly available for download on the 'net somewhere!

One of the faithful Spidey fans pointed out to me that it's available on Amazon!


  1. Yep, if SOMEONE could let me know, that would be SUPER..!!! I too bought it in the store new, and NEVER saw it anywhere else ever again. I listened to this endlessly, and loved the poster. Glad I still kept it. The art was FANTASTIC, and yes, I'd love to have it in my iPod. David B.

  2. Never got the poster when I purchased the album. Dial B for Blog ran a nice piece on this. I don't know if you can download it, but it's there for your listening pleasure. Check the sites archives.

  3. I'm sure I do have it, Rick...

    Both of you, as you can see, it's available as a pretty cheap MP3 download from Amazon -- can't beat $1.98, can you?