Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rock Reflections of a Superhero Record!


You know, I could've sworn this was an LP, and not a 45...


  1. Was this not an LP? I was always curious how they would fill a whole album of Parker-based angst songs, but I never questioned that it wasn't about 45 minutes long.


  2. I thought it was an album, too... maybe there was a 45 version and an album version, with the 45 only being the title track?

  3. An album and a single were released in 1975. Rock Reflections of a Superhero is the title of the album and there is no song with that title. The album was originally available on vinyl, 8 track and cassette. In fact, the album was released on CD in 2000 to celebrate the 25th anniversary (I finally bought it on Amazon a few years ago). The album has 23 alternating songs and narrations (voiced by Stan Lee). "Spider-Man" is one of the songs on the album and the A side of the 45 single that was also released. I am not sure what the B side was.