Sunday, December 6, 2009

Crazy Foam!


Remember this stuff? It was a huge craze for a while, but like all crazes, it seemed to die out quickly. You can still find this stuff today, with other licensed characters like Go Diego Go!, Dora the Explorer, and some Disney characters. It's basically soap in a pre-foaming form, and why anyone thought it was cool to have Spidey vomit soap on you during bathime is beyond me (and I say that while remembering I wanted this stuff when I was a kid)... then again, anything Spidey that relates to bathing seems to have issues that weren't thought of back then...


  1. I want to purchase Spiderman foam soap. Where is it available?

  2. Well, this was a vintage item from the 1970s, Anonymous... you could try eBay, but I suspect that none of them exist that work any more!