Monday, November 23, 2009

Cap Gun?????


As I've noted before, when toy manufacturers licensed super-heroes, apparently there was nothing in the contracts specifying that the toys the heroes would appear on should have anything to do with the characters themselves.

Take this repeating cap gun... both Spidey and Captain America are on the card art. Does either one use a gun? No. Do any of the Marvel heroes of the time use a gun, especially one like this one? Maybe Nick Fury, but they weren't licensing SHIELD at all.

I guess they weren't making enough money with the version of this gun with card art from cop shows or something?


Apparently they figured they'd sell enough of these they'd need to make caps available for refills, too.


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  2. Thanks for bringing this up. This kind of thing has always bothered me (kind of like Aquaman needing a boat).

    Thank you for your blog - I really enjoy visiting and seeing what is new. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Thanks, Joseph! I'm glad you're enjoying several of the Random Blogs of Geekery Family!