Sunday, October 18, 2009

AHI Spider-Vehicles!

OK, let's get a few things in one posting today, shall we?


There were two different kind of motorcycle toys AHI produced for its licensed product... a friction style, and the pull-strap style (kind of like Kenner's SSP cars). Here's the latter variety for Spider-Man, and I have to say, this motorcycle is way cooler than the one Peter Parker rode for a while in the late 1960s!


There were a LOT of Spider-Cars produced by AHI. Given that you're pulling a string on the back to make this go, I guess it's kind of a wind-up mechanism for kids who can't handle a more standard wind-up key?


Here's the Action Straw, which I've posted before, but this may have had a card art variation?


Spider-Buggy! Toys like this one can still be found in dollar stores... and by that I mean toys that work like this one, where you pull the car back to wind it up, and then let it go!


I have no idea why AHI made this, other than to keep Spider-Man even with Batman so far as vehicles went (because that's what AHI tended to do).


Here's a bonus toy - an AHI Spider-Man flying disc, which I've shown you before on the package.


And here's a Spidey Jeep, if you can believe that!

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