Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fiddlesticks Toy Builder Set!


How often do you see Spider-Man, the Hulk, AND Batman and Superman on toy packaging, outside of Mego figures? Here's a rare example. Fiddlesticks look to me like they're a variation on Tinkertoys and Kenner's Girder and Panel Building Sets.


  1. Just brought down from the attic the same set. It was my son's and I built a great piece for my grandson (his kid) Its a great toy. Too bad you can't get them anymore.

  2. Well, looks like you're lucky to have that item!

  3. I had this set, and it was loads of fun. The cool thing is that the plastic Superman and Batman pieces looked like the super-heroes on one side, but like Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne on the other. Spidey and the Hulk just looked like their superhero selves on both sides.