Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Marvel Videos (Early 1980s Edition)!


Above you see what I believe was the complete Marvel Video Comics Library released in the early 1980s. These videotapes featured two episodes (sort of) on each tape, the first being one of various Marvel cartoon series (an episode featuring the character on the cover), and the second being one of the 1960s Spider-Man cartoons. The Captain America-themed covers there (as well as many others) used episodes of the 1960s Marvel Super-Heroes Cartoons, but edited together into complete stories (or was that the later, late-80s/early 90s release? I get mixed up sometimes). Yes, the same episodes you're seeing here every now and then!

By the way, the Fantastic Four episodes on these tapes were of the version with Herbie instead of the Torch.

As much as I loved these videos, I think that the price points and cover art were what doomed them... I seem to recall them retailing for over $20 each, and of course, the cover art isn't even from the era the cartoons had been made in! I used to rent these videos (back in the days when home videos were usually too expensive to buy), and one day, I came across a mess of them on clearance... and then found more at a video store that was closing. Unfortunately, I had to sell 'em all when I was out of work for a while.

The set you see above was offered as a single unit, and I'd bid on them... but not nearly as much as I should have! Oh, well...

By the way, due to timing, you'll see pretty much this same post in two days on the Captain Ameriblog!

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