Thursday, July 9, 2009

Marvel Books!

Here's some Marvel books produced in the late 1970s, featuring the webhead!


I have a copy of this book in my collection, that I purchased back in September! As I'm writing this (at the end of September 2008), I haven't gotten around to reading it yet...


Superheroes Cookbook... yes, they'd do just about anything super-hero related! There was a DC cookbook, too, if I recall correctly.


Daredevil Lancer Paperback, guest-starring Spider-Man! This is another item I have in my collection.


Golden Everything Workbook!


Marvel Fun Books #2 and #3! You'd think I'd have a photo of the first one, wouldn't you?


Hulk Activity Box! A nice assortment of activity books in this, isn't there? I really should try to get some of these one of these days... heck, a good enough collection could provide fodder for an entirely new blog, wouldn't it?

More tomorrow!

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