Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marvel Stamps and Other Stuff!


Every now and then, when I'm saving photos from eBay auctions to post on my various blogs, I come across a lot like this one -- an FF Lancer paperback, a Marx Toys Hulk statue, and the Marvel Stamp Set from France! This means, of course, that when sorting the photo in Flickr, stuff like this ends up in just about every Marvel folder I have!

Anyway, it's the stamp set we're interested in at this blog! As you can see, Spider-Woman was included in this set, and pretty prominently, too (Spidey's the only Marvel character bigger than her on the box!). I didn't realize just how much merchandising was done of Jessica Drew's alter ego! Obviously, the same can't be said for other distaff variations of Marvel characters like Ms. Marvel and the She-Hulk...

Here's a good look at the Spider-Man stamp in the set:


And other photos of the set:




These photos came from two different auctions, by the way!

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