Friday, May 29, 2009

Marvel Super-Heroes Sparkle Paints by Kenner!


Kenner produced the Sparkle Paints line in the 1960s, and this set came out in 1966.


Using simplified tracings from Marvel Comics, you would add their sparkle paint to the already-colored pictures to make 'em shine!


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  3. The photos were from my auctions at the time which were connected to my site, and have appeared on my site at times. The original photos are copyrighted, and the ones I ran in my auctions are copyrighted also. My auction also had the same instruction on my site "Replication of original materials without consent from author in whole or part is prohibited". I asked you nicely before informing Yahoo, as I thought that the way to go. I did not use the word "stolen". I have even sent you the receipt where you grabbed the photo from. I am putting together a book, and want to keep some things different than the photos that I am running on my site, so this is why I was concerned to see so many of the photos there. I also have the original shots that are quite a bit bigger as proof.

    Once again I thought I would drop you a line first and let you know.