Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to Spider-Man Stuff!

And welcome to the latest of my Random Acts of Geekery blog spin-offs, Spider-Man Stuff! This blog will be kind of like the Dracula, Frankenstein and Godzilla blogs, in that I'll be mostly just presenting photos... but unlike those, since I have so many Spidey collectibles in my photo files, I will probably post several photos a day -- either several photos of the same item, or photos of similar items! Since I have to alphabetize my files for that, this may mean a few days with all AHI toys, for example...

For this first post, here's some photos of the Mego 12" Spider-Man action figure, including a few packaging variations!





  1. i loved my mego Spider-man and I still have it on my bookshelf.

  2. I used to have that Mego Spidey. It was my favorite toy before I got my cb radio! Magnificent blog! I'm adding it to the list on my site!

  3. Rick - I wish I still had my Megos, no matter what my age was when I bought them!

    Groovy Agent - Thanks! I hope you'll continue to enjoy this new blog.